Take Your Security to the Next Level
With Employee Training!
One of the biggest weaknesses of any security system is the people involved in it.

Humans make mistakes: they respond to phishing emails, they click on links that they shouldn’t, they write down passwords, they download viruses and so on.

All of these actions can seriously compromise even the strongest security system and put your business at risk of suffering costly damage from a cyber attack.

At Station X, our staff members aren’t just experts at improving the security of business systems, we also know how to train employees to recognise security threats and avoid falling victim to them.

The main focus our security training is to bring about effective behavioural change. To do this, we:

establish a baseline so improvement can be measuredtraining
understand the audience so that training materials are customised
identify high-risk and desired behaviours, and
identify solutions to facilitate behavioural change.
Available programs include:

  • Cyber Security Training
    Executive Cyber Security Training
    Cyber Security Awareness Training
    Data Protection Training
    Home & Mobile Workers Training
    Policies & Procedures Training
    Social Engineering Training

Sign up for any of our training programs and give your company the protection it needs to grow in the future.