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ITechHive is an acknowledged expert at effectively combining technical expertise and domain knowledge to offer customized solutions that alleviate the customer’s pain points. We partner with our customers in conceptualizing and implementing infrastructure solutions that would align IT initiatives with business goals in the best possible way. ITechHive Pvt. Ltd. has built an enviable reputation of having designed, deployed and manage many mission-critical networks.

We provide effective solutions in areas such as networking, security, managed services and  optical transceivers  through our unique consultative approach. We utilize a combination of solutions and services flanked by our software capability to provide distinctive solutions.

With a large team of certified professionals, ITechHive has the requisite expertise and experience to craft unique solutions that would leverage IT to produce business results.

What we Offer

Itechhive offers a whole range of IT Infrastructure solutions, services & software for customer’s IT infrastructure. Our offerings cover  complete IT infrastructure life cycle from “concept to reality” we deliver the best quality of service to their clients and offer  our customer  Internet Lease line & Broadband through cable/wireless and also expertise in providing Wi-Fi campus, Surveillance technology, Server support, Laying and maintenance of optic fiber cable. We deliver the best quality of internet leased line & Broadband service to their clients at Public sector, Corporate and Government Sectors as well

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We provide dedicated ethernet connectivity to support Voice, Private Line and Dedicated Service, and more!

EXTENDED COVERAGE AREA(Delivering reliable broadband where you need it.

RAPID DEPLOYMENT(One of the fastest deployments in the industry

LOW COST INTERNET (Potentially save lot of money on installation)

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